Area 51 goes Green

4th Apr 2013

Roswell, New Mexico, probably most famous for the Roswell Incident, may soon become famous for solar energy. Stuck out in the middle of the desert Area 51 may soon turn green.

Green States Energy is currently developing two solar projects in the region. The GSE NM-1 project is a 2.9MW solar farm spread across 16 smaller sites both in and around the towns of Roswell and Dexter, N.M. GSE NM-2 is a single 2.5MW solar array in Roswell, and will be one of the largest in the state.

Stephen Clevett, CEO of Green States Energy, said that, “this installation will be one of the largest in New Mexico and provide power to the surrounding communities. As part of a retail program, power from our projects are used right in the local community we are proud to be a part of.”

The current largest solar project in New Mexico is the 30MW Cimarron Solar Facility owned by Ted Turner and Southern Co., but that is due to be completely eclipsed by the 300MW solar plant being developed by Gestamp Solar of Spain.

New Mexico’s solar resources have also attracted the US Army, who earlier this year completed its largest solar array at the White Sands Missile Range.

By. Ted Dansen