LA to Generate 20% of Energy from Rooftop Solar Panels by 2020

6th May 2013

A new report by the Environment California Research & Policy Centre, titled Solar in the Southland, looks at the benefits that would be experienced if Los Angeles were to generate 20% of its power from rooftop solar panels.

Elected officials, business, health, and environmental groups recently convened at the LA City Hall to discuss the ambitious campaign of achieving the goal of generating 20% of the cities power from rooftop solar installations by 2020.

The benefits, as noted by the report, are numerous. Dr. Luis Pacheco, the co-chair for CAUSE, said that “rooftop solar puts Los Angeles on a path toward cleaner air, healthier communities, and economic growth. To ensure long-term public health for all Angelenos, we need to do everything we can to encourage and support solar growth.”

Michelle Kinman, from the Environment California Research & Policy Centre, stated that “with our abundant sunshine, our miles upon miles of rooftops, and our love of new technology, solar power is a no-brainer for Los Angeles.”

Even the local politicians are behind the campaign, with councilman Paul Koretz quite astutely pointing out that as opposed to oil spills that can cause massive environmental damage, “a solar spill is just another nice day in LA.”

Both mayoral candidates, Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel, have supported the goal of 20% by 2020, and even the city’s Department of Water and Power has pledged to use rooftop solar panels as it looks to replace 70% of its energy supply with renewables over the next 15 years.

LA’s business community has estimated that in order to reach the 20% target the city would have to install 1.2GW of solar capacity, which would save consumers on their bills, and create around 32,000 jobs. Michelle Garakian, the Vice President of the LA Business Council summed the benefits up bystating that increasing LA’s rooftop solar capacity “is good for business, it’s good for jobs, and it’s good for the environment.”

By. Charles Kennedy of