National Space Society to Propose Space-Based Solar Power Plant to G8 Leaders

18th Jun 2013

The National Space Society (NSS), a US and Indian joint society, has declared the launch of a space-based solar power initiative that will present a plan to the G8 leaders on how to achieve economically viable space-based solar power.

On the back of a study by the Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses (an Indian think tank), the US and India began to discuss the potential of space-based solar power in 2010. The study was led by Peter Garretson of the US Air Force, who urged the two countries to work together to make space-based solar power commercially viable by 2025.

The proposed plan will consist of three stages. Clean Technica describes the stages as follows:

“Garretson says an initial five-year $10-30 million programme will develop contributing technologies and build a competent work force culminating in a roadmap for a demonstration prototype.

A second, $10 billion, 10-year phase will see the formation of an international consortium to construct a sub-scale space solar power system that can directly be scaled up by industry.

The final stage will entail India-US leadership to set up an international for-profit consortium along the lines of the INTELSAT model to address energy security and carbon mitigation concerns.”

If the NSS manages to actually convince G8 leaders to combine financial and technological resources to this program, then it could create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the energy sector.

By. Jennifer Robinson